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    Restriction Guide
    What can & cannot ship
    You are responsible for assuring that the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country.
    False or ambiguous declaration of item(s) details at customer's own risk of having item(s) confiscated and/or getting fined by Custom.
    We are able to transport controlled items, but the license(s) and other necessary documents are at your own expense.
    We do not accept the delivery of contraband. Please do not send contraband to our warehouse.
    We can purchase almost any item you submit because we can ship it domestically, regardless of whether the item cannot be shipped to your country, please refer to your country's custom import regulations.

    For any reason, we will not accept packages that are obviously damaged, either externally or internally. Any such delivery will be rejected.
    We reserve the right not to process requisition for any product without any reason.
    We may, at our sole discretion, but without obligation, open and inspect any item in the shipment for any reason.
    • Non Sensitive goods (For example, Fashion, Bags, Shoes, Furniture, Toys)
    • Sensitive goods (For example, Shampoo, Book, Bluetooth, Motor, Liquid, Food, Supplements, Discs, Electronic, Branded, Battery, Cosmetics)
    • Prohibited (For example, Drugs, Flammable)
    If the package has been custom rejected or returned, you must pay the full shipping price again to reship.
    We reserve the right not to transship after the Custom rejects or returns the item or package.
    Special remind: Please be cautious when shopping in the websites, such as Taobao for the reason of the existence of the illegal business practices. If it occurs, ComNBuy cannot arrange for your product return/exchange requires.