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    Compensation for an insured package
    The rules to apply for compensation:
    You can apply for compensation within 24 hours of receiving the package. Applications sent later will not be considered.
    If significant damage is found when the package when receiving, such as holes, openings, wet areas, dry water stains, and obvious deformation of the shape box, an on the spot inspection is a must, or find that the goods are missing or found that the package weight does not match, etc. You must record this fact via photo(s) and/or video(s) when applying for compensation, we will see the status of the package (no damage) and the contents of the package. The insurance payment will be paid at a rate of 10% to 100% of the cost of the goods (Capped at S$50), depending on the extent of damage to the goods and the possibility of eliminating defects. The decision on the amount of compensation proposed is not subject to appeal.

    Any delivery date or time we advise is only a best estimate. ComNBuy will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you.

    If your package whereabouts are unknown and according to our system, your package has arrived at the warehouse. If your package has not shipped out for more than 7 calendar days from the last updated package status, you can apply for parcel investigation. If it is still not found after 30 calendar days since the last updated package status, it is considered lost and you are entitled to compensation. Our company will compensate for the goods in accordance with each ticket. You must attach the receipt of purchase. The compensation payment will be paid at the declared value or receipt, whichever is lower. The decision on the amount of compensation proposed is not subject to appeal. 
    If the parcel is in the warehouse, unclaimed after 30 days of receipt of the parcel. It will be destroyed automatically without further notice.
    After you have received and/or signed the parcel, you acknowledge that there is no damage, no defects, no missing items, no weight discrepancy, etc.
    • Please check before signing the parcel.

    Non-compliance individual goods in color, size, complications: We do not accept claims on goods under any of these conditions:
    •  The appearance of the product differs from the pictures the seller. (For example, not so thick fur, fur coloring differs from the photo, lace pattern/embroidery / decorative elements different from the photos on the link, a form of pads is different from the photo link, the condition of the item, etc.)
    •  Position inscriptions printed on the product differs by a few centimeters, the writing of a brand different from the picture to the link.
    •  There is a difference of color shade. (For example: If your product does not look as green as the green in the picture you saw, we are not responsible.)
    •  Product measurements do not meet the dimensional grid seller specified for this size on the product page.

    Shipment Lost Compensation
    • Non-insured parcel: Capped at S$100.00
    Compensation amount consists of Shipping Fee only
    • Insured parcel: Capped at S$500.00
    Compensation amount consists of the only Cost of Goods + Service Fee + Shipping Fee
    • For higher value insured insurance, please contact us.

    If you have not received the package for more than 30 calendar days after the last updated package status, and your package whereabouts are unknown, you can apply for a parcel investigation. If it is still not found after 90 calendar days since the last updated package status, it is considered lost and you are entitled to compensation.
    The last updated package status is the date after the estimated delivery date. For example, if you choose Packet Sea shipment, the estimated delivery date is 15-20 days, excluding weekends from the date of issue. There is no online tracking, so consider the last updated package status after at least 20 days. 
    The compensation payment will be paid at the declared value or receipt, whichever is lower. The decision on the amount of compensation proposed is not subject to appeal. For insured parcel, please refer to the insurance policy for more details.

    The company cannot be held responsible and shall remain exempt from all liability for physical damage to a shipment, or loss caused by a delay of delivery or negligence when conditions beyond the carrier’s control are encountered during transit.

    Investigation on your shipment
    The process includes waiting for review by freight and courier companies.
    If they find your package, they will contact you.

    No Compensate Situation
    In situations when the seller did not ship or for whatsoever reason warehouse did not receive (For example, invalid tracking number)
    Please check if you have ordered pre-order merchandise
    We will contact and send a reminder to the seller to ship out
    No refund. The seller is your choice, we are just providing services to help you to place your order and pay.
    If it is out of stock, we will refund the money to your account within 1 to 5 business days. Any refund will deduct the service fee, admin fee, payment processing fee, other fees, etc.

    We are acting as a middle party to order for you. We held no responsibility for the below:
    • The product quality.
    • Loss or damage to the item during delivery.
    • The item, color, and quantity sent by the seller are incorrect.
    • The actual item may differ from what is described in the picture. Buyers order at your own risk.
    • Please note that the warehouse does not check the condition or quantity of the item when it arrives at the warehouse.
    • If the item is lost or damaged during delivery to you, we will not refund or assume any responsibility for your package. But we will try our best to help you trace back.

    ✦ You need to analyze the product quality and the merchant’s reliability on your own. The delivery time depends on the merchants. There’s no guarantee about the return and refund.

    We do not offer compensation in the following situations:
    1) Unmatched size: the actual size of the product does not match the measurement provided by the seller.
    2) Unmatched product: the actual product does not match the seller's description.
    3) Unmatched logo or brand: the logo or brand of the actual product does not match the logo or brand displayed in the description.
    4) Unmatched color:After receiving the product from the seller, we will check whether the color of the product match with your order. In case the color provided by the seller and the color ordered by the buyer are not the same, ComNBuy is not responsible for any compensation. For example, the product description says ‘light blue’ and you choose the blue color. After you receive the blue item, we are not responsible for any compensation based on a difference in color shade. Sometimes there is a slight color difference, due to the difference in computer monitors, which could lead to a color difference between the online picture and the delivered item.
    5) Parcel has been seized by local customs.

    You can contact the seller on your own to a request for a replacement, resend, etc. 
    Please note that this process is your responsibility; for example, shipping goods to the seller, the freight will be borne by you, etc.