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    If you need our help to purchase and pay, please go to BuyForMe.
    If you have already purchased the item and only need our help to ship, please go to ShipForMe.

    How long it takes for you to receive your items
    Depends on Seller's speed, your choice of shipping method, weather condition and other unforeseen causes of delay.

    Inventory Level
    We have no control over seller's inventory & processing speed and we seek your understanding.
    • Please allow 1-2 working days for Seller to ship out to our warehouse.
    ■ Before you place an order with us, please understand the seller's inventory level.

    Order Process
    ComNBuy will usually process your order within 1 business day and may take longer depending on the complexity of your order requirements.
    • If any problem about your order in processing status, please check the message from the purchaser or contact the customer service in time.
    ■ Urgent order: Needs to be processed within the same day or hour, please contact us. (Fees may apply and are subject to availability.)
    □ When submitting a product link, please ensure that the options you choose are the same. (Some links have preset options, such as Tmall URL)

    Orders will ship to CNB warehouse in the respective country before they can be shipped to your address, including domestic.
    For example, you submitted an order for this product in China and selected the Taiwan warehouse.
    If the merchant does not ship directly to our Taiwan warehouse, the item will first arrive at our China warehouse and then move to our Taiwan warehouse. The shipping cost of this transfer (including domestic delivery to the China warehouse) will be charged to you.
    If the merchant does provide shipping directly to our warehouse in Taiwan, you will be charged for the shipping costs.
    The package arrived at CNB China warehouse then to your shipping address in China.

    The BuyForMe service is considered completed after we have placed an order with the seller you indicated. Once the seller ships, ShipForMe will begin. If it is out of stock, we will refund the money to your account within 1 to 5 business days after the seller has refunded the money to ComNBuy. Any refund will minus the service fee, admin fee and other fees, etc.

    Payment Processing Fee
    When we perform the payment transaction to Seller, will charge if incurred
    • Min. JPY324, NTD30, KRW2,500 per transaction
    ■ In order to be refunded for any reason, this Bank Transfer fee will not be refunded.

    Process Shipment
    By clicking "Confirm Shipment", you agree that if the estimated shipping cost after the warehouse has packaged your package has not changed. We will deduct the fee from your account balance. Please make sure your account balance is sufficient. In order to avoid any delay in the shipment being shipped.

    Recharge of my account e-Wallet balance by the Offline payment
    You need to log in to your bank account to manually perform a transfer

    Exchange Rate
    The exchange rate is floating and it will change from time to time.
    Refer to BuyForMe Guide.

    Submit order 
    The ComNBuy platform purchase module, all the purchase goods displayed by the search commodity and URL submitted to us are not the goods sold by the ComNBuy website, all of which are the third party shopping platform goods. Therefore, the copyright and intellectual property infringement of the related commodities are involved, and ComNBuy is not responsible for it, nor does it bear any legal responsibility.

    Submit confirm order
    By confirming the order, you acknowledge that the submitted information is correct and is available in stock, we can place an order through this link. You agree that when the item is out of stock, the refund amount will be the balance after deducting the service fee, other fees, etc.

    Paid orders
    Cancel order or item: No refund will be made. No changes are allowed once you have paid your order. 
    I made payment on ComNBuy but decided not to buy the item. How can I get a refund?
    Please note that no refund would be allowed once a order in ComNBuy has been confirmed and paid. Please confirm your intention to purchase your item before you proceed to make payment in ComNBuy.

    Top up for your order, short payment
    1. Item price difference 
    2. Domestic Freight 
    3. Service Fee
    4. Others (such as Additional Request, etc)
    If you have questions, please contact us.

    Problem with your order
    Please contact us. If you have already done so, please wait for our buyer to check the order. 

    Invalid order
    The order has been canceled. You can continue to submit new orders. 

    Submit forecast of your package 
    If you fail to register a tracking number before the package arrives at our warehouse, we will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by your package.

    Retention Period
    We allow our customers to store their packages in our warehouse
    • China: Up to 360days (Free 300days)
    • Japan Taiwan Korea: Up to 60days (Free 30days)
    ■ After the retention period, we will dispose or destroy or discard it without notice.
    The number of days from the date of submission to ComNBuy
    □ Per day per package: Storage Fee S$2

    Change of Delivery Address 
    After the package has been packaged to ship or shipped.
    We do not support this service at this moment.

    Payment for your package received by the warehouse
    1. Domestic Freight
    2. Service Fee 
    Refer to ShipForMe Guide.

    Acknowledge Received
    Once you have received the package, please sign in to click "Received".

    Shipping Limitation
    Above Limit: Please contact us.
    Actual or Volume weight, whichever is higher

    Fragile Goods
    If the item is damaged in transit shipping to you, no compensation will be given. (such as Glass, TV, etc)
    Do inform seller to reinforce the packaging.
    ComNBuy recommends that you strengthen the reinforcement, for example, Wooden Crate service: the fee is S$20 minimum.
    The wooden crate is tailor-made, so it can only be quoted after completion, and cannot be canceled once requested.

    Other Services
    If you need any other services, please contact us.

    Special Request
    Pallet Jack, delivering large items that cannot be accessed by elevator, etc.
    Additional Material Fees: To add more packaging material to your package
    For example, Wooden Crate service to your TV package

    Insurance Policy
    Insurance premium cost 5% of the total goods cost
    For example, if the entire order costs S$300, the premium will be S$15
    Please check the coverage terms before purchasing.
    An insurance policy must be purchased at checkout to be considered an Insured shipment.

    Missing and/or Wrong item(s)
    • If you find wrong and/or missing item(s) etc, at the opening of the package, you must record this fact by photo(s) and/or video(s) at the time of application. This information should also include the seller's packing list.
    You can apply for compensation within 24 hours of receiving the package. Applications sent later will not be considered.

    Damage and/or Defect item(s)
    You can contact the seller on your own to a request for a replacement, resend, etc. 
    Please note that this process is your responsibility; for example, shipping goods to the seller, the freight will be borne by you, etc.

    Submit the information to Customer Service: SMS/WhatsApp 65-98379830
    This process takes 3-5 business days to transfer
    After ComNBuy has transferred, the bank process takes 3-14 business days to credit to your bank account or credit card.
    The information should include: Please submit according to your account top-up information
    • Credit/Debit Card required your card the last 4 digit number 
    • Bank transfer required your bank account and number
    • Mobile transfer required your mobile phone number
    • Username and email address of the registered account of ComNBuy that you wish to opt out

    Validity of Order
    ComNBuy will not be liable for any order or packages after 365 calendar days from the date of submission to ComNBuy.com.