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    Ship For Me Guide
    Ship For Me service:
    You have complete control over your order, especially when you customize your product. You purchase goods from the seller and instruct them to be shipped to our warehouse, we help you ship the goods to you.
    You can consolidate from different shops and no limit to the number of packages.
    • If your package requires cash on delivery, you must notify us in advance and indicate CNB on the package, otherwise, the warehouse will reject it.
    • Please do not ship prohibited items to our warehouse.
    • It is your responsibility to provide us with the necessary documents and information, such as MSDS, HS code, etc., which must be submitted to the customs officer.

    Shipping Fee + Service Fee (If any)

    Service Fee
    China and Japan warehouses: Free
    Korea and Taiwan warehouses: Service fee S$3 per package

    Forecast Tracking
    You must submit and declare information to us before the package arrives at the warehouse.
    If your seller has sent multiple packages for your order and uses a different tracking number, please contact your seller for each tracking number.
    Tracking Number:运单号码, 快递单号

    Warehouse Operating Hours
    Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm.
    Saturday & Sunday, eve & PH: Closed.

    Warehouse Address
    • Address: 广东省 深圳市 Shenzhen
    • Address: トウキョウ Tōkyō
    • Address: 서울 Seoul
    • Address: 台中市 Taichung

    Weight Update
    Min. 0.1kg per package (For example. Package A 0.22kg, will be updated as Arrived 0.30kg)
    • Volume weight is updated.
    • Dimension measurement ± 3cm
    • You will be charged for Volume or Actual weight, whichever is higher.
    ■ The shipping charges you will be charged are based on the final weight. The final weight is the weight of the shipment after it has been packaged by the warehouse.
    When your package status reflected as Signed & Delivered on eg. Taobao
    • Before 11 am: Warehouse should be updated by 5 pm the same business day.
    • After 11 am: Warehouse should be updated by the next business day.
    ■ If there is no update, please contact us on the next business day. (Recommend to contact seller first)
    ✦ If you think the package weight is not correct, please contact us, for example, the item you purchased is about 10 kg, but our warehouse updated 5 kg.
    • For packages over 50kg by weight, you can request an updated cbm weight.
    • For packages weighing less than 50kg, we do not provide cbm weight updates.
    Actual weight: actual weight of the package (including packing and accompanying documents)

    Arrived at Warehouse
    ■ If the delivery fails, usually the next attempt will be made on the next business day.
    • If you need other arrangements such as pick up packages etc, please contact us, fees apply.
    □ Please note that there are times where courier submits 'Delivered' before delivering, their KPI.

    Warehouse Process
    If you have not yet submitted a shipment, the item will remain in the warehouse.

    Remove the package packaging such as eg. Carton delivery boxes received from the seller.
    You agree to remove the package packaging and ComNBuy is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

    Free Basic Inspection
    If significant damage is found when the package when receiving, such as package opening, holes, and obvious deformation of the shape box, etc.

    Advanced Inspection
    Photo taking of item in the package: Handling S$1 per photo
    If you need this service, select 'Take a Photo'.
    We held no responsibility for missing or loss items to open the package for photo taking.
    Takes 1-3 business days (The goods must have arrived at our warehouse and then taken a photo)

    Customize Wooden Crate and Pallets
    Fees minimum +S$20, please contact us if you required.

    Shipping Classification
    • If you ship items such as Branded goods, Liquid, Battery, Magnetic products, CD, etc. Select Sensitive shipment.
    • If you ship items such as Clothing, Bags, Shoes, etc. Select Non Sensitive shipment
    Korea Japan Taiwan:
    • Non Sensitive goods such as Clothing, Bags, Shoes, etc.
    • Sensitive Goods (Only: Cosmetic, Food)

    Shipping Method
    The shipping charges you will be charged are based on the final weight. The final weight is the weight of the shipment after it has been packaged by the warehouse.
    If you are considering air or sea shipping, please contact us.
    * By clicking "Confirm Shipment", you won't be able to make any changes to the package, but you can change the shipping method before payment.

    Shipping Duration
    Please note the method you chose when submitting to the ship.
    For example, Air; China (2-4 days): Submit on Wednesday 13 Aug 2018 9 am
    Expected delivery date; cut off (same day): Monday 17 Aug 2018, if you have not received the package, please contact us after 22 Aug 2018.
    Online Tracking; Yes: If the status does not reflect after 48 business hours, please contact us.
    Online Tracking; No: Please contact us 48 business hours after the expected delivery date.

    Track Package
    We will assign a tracking number to each shipment submitted to us after delivery.
    You can log in to check on the status.
    For Air shipment - notify upon delivery.
    For Sea shipment - notify before delivery.

    In any case that the tracking failed to show on the website when you clicked on the 'Status'.
    Notice: You are authorized to use the tracking system solely to track shipments tendered via ComNBuy by, for, or to you. No other use may be made of the ComNBuy tracking system and information without ComNBuy's prior written consent.

    Step 1. Parcel has arrived at ComNBuy warehouse
    Step 2. Proceed to checkout and pay
    Step 3. Waiting to receive the package
    Step 4. Proceed to 'Forecast list' you can see your items 'On the way' to the warehouse
    Step 5. At 'Can order' you submit your packages to ship out

    Complete. See you again!