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    Buy For Me Guide
    Buy For Me service:
    We help to buy the goods from overseas and ship the goods to you, thus eliminating your overseas shopping problems in logistics.
    With www.ComNBuy.com, you can start shopping for products in any Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean online shopping site and you can pay by SGD instead of RMB, NTD, JPY & KRW.

    Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean goods are just within a click away, absolutely efficient and convenient service.

    The benefits of using www.ComNBuy.com for your shopping:
    1. You can purchase Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean goods online limitlessly;
    2. You can get professional services from our www.ComNBuy.com customer service team; our customer service team will answer your question and solve your concern about problem occurs during shopping in China, Taiwan, Japan & Korea
    3. The language barrier and payment difficulty, you can entrust us to help you.

    Total Goods Cost / Exchange Rate  + Service Fee

    Exchange Rate
    The exchange rate is floating and it will change from time to time.
    The current effective exchange rate for BuyForMe orders is
    SGD1.00 : RMB 4.6 KRW 730 JPY 73 NTD 20

    Service Fee
    If the item you purchased contains a variety of styles, sizes, colors, etc. Please note the relevant attributes here according to the classification description on the product page. To purchase multiple different attributes for the same item, add to the shopping cart separately.
    Per item; for example, 1 product link has different attributes (such as colors and sizes) such as 1 Blue S, 2 Blue M, 3 Red M. You should submit it separately, there should be 3 items ID #.
    Online shops
    • China: only 1688 Taobao Tmall by Search Bar: S$1 per item (Promotion)
    ■ If the search bar shows an error for Tmall 1688 Taobao or you have asked us to contact the seller. Please use the BuyForMe form. (S$3 per item)
    • China: S$3 per item
    • Japan Korea Taiwan: S$5 per item
    Pre-Order|Auction: +S$5 per item
    • Pre-Order: Please understand the release date before placing an order with us. Do leave a remark, ie the date seller would ship out when placing the order. (If more than 8 days to ship out or clearly stated PreOrder in the listing)
    Auction: You must submit the Final amount that will be accepted by you, we will stop bidding once it's over your stated price.
    • For example, Bid starts from JPY200, you stated JPY1k. The bid exceeds JPY1k, we will close the order as unsuccessful bid. If you want to increase the Final amount before the bid exceeds the Final amount and/or before we close the order and the auction is still open for bidding, each increment is S$5 per item.
    • Unsuccessful bid: Deduct service fee and the balance will be refunded to your account. (1-3 business days)
    Customize: +S$5 minimum per item
    • Customize: We only help communicate with the seller by forwarding your request and will charge S$5 for each modification/reply to the seller. Otherwise, you can contact the seller yourself and we will not charge you for this fee. Remark to your order, 'Request Order Number'. Subject to availability.
    • Cancel order or item: No refund will be made. No changes are allowed once you have paid your order.
    Other countries Online shops: minimum S$20 per item
    • For example, Hong Kong websites, etc.
    Offline shops: minimum +S$30 per item
    • Only selected stores are available: Please contact us.
    Fan Idol Purchases: minimum +S$150 per item per quantity
    • For example, Fancard, Concert Tickets, etc.
    Special Order: minimum +S$10 per item
    • Shops that will accept only a private ship to address. May not be allowed to merge with non-BuyForMe orders.
    • For example, Mercari

    Order Submission
    Please use the Search Bar for Taobao Tmall 1688
    • For other shops in China: Please submit the form BuyForMe
    1688: Only accept 现货 Price. 一件代发 If required to apply for such as 申请代理 will be considered as customizing order, unless it can be checkout right away as per usual, then you will not be charged.
    ■ Bonus points, discount coupons and vouchers provided by the seller's store, etc. are not supported. To enjoy these bonuses, you will need to sign up for an account and use your account to make purchases with the seller. (Use ShipForMe)
    □ We do not help to bargain, please contact the seller on your own for negotiation.
    If you want to pay your items separately, please checkout separately.

    When the ordering system, we can't see the tracking number. Please get the tracking number from the seller and advise us. Shop such as O!What, etc. Do select 'Take a Photo' and we will update the order screenshot to you.

    Automated Procurement System
    A back-end system that adds your items to the seller's shopping cart with a single click, so when you submit an order to us, be sure to select the correct description in the seller list.
    ✦ If you have a different description, use the BuyForMe form to add items to your shopping cart.
    The seller of your order is responsible for notifying us that they have sent the order to us in multiple packages as we follow the order system reflected on the seller's website.

    Tracking Number: Domestic
    Only Taobao, Tmall, 闲鱼 and 1688 orders, you can track package status as we update the tracking number to your order.
    Others subject to availability.

    Add-On Items
    If your other items are still in the Warehouse, you can add items at any time.
    You can decide when to ship and must be within the retention period.

    Domestic Shipping
    The usual domestic fee estimated by each seller. Some sellers charge at a flat rate or per piece or per weight.
    • China: RMB5 minimum
    • Japan: JPY300 minimum
    • Korea: KRW1,500 minimum
    • Taiwan: NTD50 minimum
    In some cases, the seller will only notify you of the charge at the time of shipment or when the goods arrive through the warehouse.
    ■ Domestic transportation costs are known under different circumstances.
    □ If you are not willing to pay for domestic shipping, you can purchase and use our ShipForMe.

    Please login to check your order status.

    Step 1. Search for the product you want to buy
    Step 2. Submit an order and pay
    Step 3. Waiting for your order to be processed and the seller ship to ComNBuy warehouse
    Step 4. Proceed to ShipForMe, in 'Forecast list' you can see your items 'On the way' to the warehouse
    Step 5. At 'can order' you submit your packages to ship out